200ah battery at 11k?

Ndio naona huku online. Seems a good deal considering @mtadao bought at 43k some time back. Solar panels are also affordable. I think solar maybe the way to go.

“Online” ni jiji ama? Utaoshwa na uanikwe mpaka ukauke mjamaa.


Solar is the way to go I got mine at 85k(panel) and it’s very reliable and efficient.


Ritar 100AH is 13k 200AH is 23k
From chrolide industrial area HQ.
My friend bought from luthuli aliona moto.

The solar items are tax free now.
Solar ya 100w ilikuwa hko 7k saa hii iko 5k
Don’t buy that one

You are being sold the 12 volt one. the ideal is the 24 volt one.

Kama ni Jumia hio ni imboste

Chloride exide need to update their website coz a 200ah is listed as going for 53k.


Shhhkrrrrrr :smiley:

Ako na chida ya matamuchi.

why go solar na uhuru amefanya kazi buana

Ati 11k? Don’t touch it even with a ten foot d*ck.

Uhuru amefanya kazi bwana anakuwanga on payroll ya 500 per post

Ndio hii. Ksh 11,628

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Anything to do with batteries, you’re better off going to Chloride Exide showroom not even dealers and get your options from them. Anything else is a fraud or substandard.