2007 North Rift Kulikuwa Na Shortage Ya 6 Inch Nails, They Use Them To Make Arrows. NIS Icheki Hii Story

Hata saa hii hizi bidhaa ni hotcake huko. 2022 hatujui kutakuwa aje. 2007/2008 violence was fanned by insults between NARC and ODM. There were jeering songs composed to insult rivals. Remember DOMO song? We are headed there again if things are not put in check.

Sasa hatutauza misumari?

In 2007 Rao was on the loose with his domo Pentagon.
He fueled the tension n tribal animosity with 41 vs 1, now he has nothing to sell coz he is fake n there with will be no pev.
Anasema wsr ni mwizi yet we know the real thieves including him.
We r following

Buy yourself an Ak-47 from mogadishu tuone what that arrow will do.

hata huko ni mbali …pokots are getting them from UG , and local kenyan politicians

First, no one is planning any war in 2022. Or at least not the Kalenjins. Mambo zetu wewe haujui. Zako ni kelele tu like a true bonobo.

Otherwise, should there be war in future, it will not be fought with arrows and bows. It will be fought with guns and grenades.

I am in Rift Valley right now and work kwa ground is ‘Uhuru alitutenda’ ! in referrence to his beef with Uiliam.

But hasla was paid 30b for his support. Kwani how greedy are they?

Tuko na uncle william liwe liwalo

We ni ghaseer nugu sana. None speaks of such stuff.

Ruto ni jambazi

Blood chilling stuff:eek: