2007 Memories

[SIZE=5]We will NEVER forget this Genocide of Innocent Citizens …
May their Souls Rest in Eternal Peace … [/SIZE]:mad::mad:


Our important people love to sit and talk among themselves in boardrooms, while the real work is out where the people live. That’s where they battle hunger, thirst, sewage, drought, floods, disease, ignorance, family strife, and anger…and those other good people who specialise in talking, wait for another round of talks, five years later.

@Lionheart :

What our Nation faces is a Leadership Class Crisis…

Since Independence in 1963 , we have permitted Fools , Morons , Killers , Tribalists ,
Ethnic Chauvanists , Thieves , Bimbos and Misfits to permiate every level of our top leadership …

How can we seriously expect any change as long as these backward elements are in charge of our National Affairs… ???

Bure Kabisa …:mad::mad: