2007/2008 Events Taking Shape Again. 2022 Kutanunga! Events In Githurai & Burma Are Clear Indicators

Recommendations by two commissions that investigated the 2007 post-election violence continue to be ignored, with politically instigated chaos and a beleaguered electoral agency serving as warning signs ahead of next year’s elections.

The impunity the Waki commission blamed for the 2007 poll violence, which killed more than 1, 000 people, is rearing its ugly head again, going by recent cases of mayhem in political meetings.
And the recommendation by the Kriegler commission, which investigated the bungled 2007 elections, that a credible electoral commission should be installed at least two years to the polls seems a nuisance to politicians, with shattered confidence in the current polls team a recipe for disaster.
It starts with politicians mobilising supporters through hateful campaigns, a partisan state security machinery, police watching as hooligans attack perceived rivals and perpetrators getting away with crime.