2005 Toyota Fortuna with low miles

Is it possible to have such a vehicle with 132xxx kms ? Its a 17 year old car. Kwani huko majuu na kenya haikuwa inaendeshwa? At this rate means it has been doing 7,764 mks per year. Saw it on jiji

Run and make sure your trousers don’t fall on the way.

Mileage should be the least of your worries esp if you are sourcing for a locally used unit, ile doctoring inaendeleanga hehe. I know of an Outback which was doctored ndio ikuwe sold at a premium. Gari ni body

Sometimes the mileage gage stops working. And it’s never fixed.

On a digital gauge elder? The analog ones might make sense

Na pia gari inaweza kua ya tajiri flani ako na magari mingi

It’s possible a friend of mine sources from Japan at 1.2m and sells locally

Just input the chassis number to QISJ na utajua its original true Mileage

The Fortuner will do a million kms comfortably. Is the body clean?

:D:D:D:D:D…Run and run very fast , hio ni mkebe and Toyota doesn’t sell the Fortuner in Japan that’s says alot about the advertising company credibility.

Body iko safi. I attached the link

Kurewind mileage ni 1,500 max na hao wasee come to you na nduthi. Better to trust a full garage check up than hio odometer

Mileage shouldnt be too important when buying a car. The state of the car itself should be deciding factor. You should take the following steps

  1. Plug it into a diagnostic tool and see if any errors exist
  2. Have a mech check it out to make sure it hasnt been in a serious accident yani zile ambao can cause chasis issues mpaka ukipeleka gari alignment it cant be done
  3. Check kama gearbox has issues
  4. check if its burning oil or smoking which is a sign of a worn engine.
  5. Check vitu kama bushes na shocks and if worn, dont worry too much but try to renegotiate price.

If it passes above tests basi nunua. In any case, ex-japan engines/gearbox or computer can generally be sourced here starting at approx 40k for small engines so even if you buy the car and things go south, you can always replace the engine. Just make sure hakuna chasis damage cause that cant be fixed