2000 bullets intercepted in Utawala on the way to..

Must be on the way to Raikifia.
@Gaza tupeleke na rieng…

The driver must’ve been tipped off of the hit

And no single bullet was meant to kill flies, Just human beings. There will come a time when we’ll be armed as well. Hii upuzzy ya kuwa victim at all times itakoma.

I sincerely hope not

Mans tumezoewa sana. We are always on the receiving end. Have you ever been in a setup where fools have sprayed your house with 58 bullets just because you told someone off when he was grazing your shamba?

Obviously it’s tribal tin gods buying amunition for their bandits. It’s quite obvious. One bullet goes for 100 bob. It would require 200K at least with other costs. They probably spent 500k on those. Tell me, which butt naked bandit running in the bushes swinging balls has 500k and connections to buy bulkets

Of course not, however a good number of Kenyans are too emotional to be allowed near a firearm.

They have livestock of a far greater value, also do we have the information on the specifics of the bullets…not all are compatible

Election manenos. Expect more bullshit. Show’s just starting

hizi ni zile zinauziwa wezi.

Smells like arror

Ruto the thug

Hii election raundi hii …

Nope. Not for us.

Si Utawala is the headquarters of the training college for G… Ama wacha tu…

Alongside APC as well, 2000 bullets can create plenty of havoc.
There must be a dirty cop involved

Nobody has a monopoly over violence, and often times in history, the victims wakichoka hugeuka wanakua more unruly than their victimizers.

In thought bullet ya mwisho ni RATinga