20% Tax On Winnings Is too Small, Should Be 50%

We cannot build a country by gambling. This 20% tax is just a very small figure. The amounts of money taken out of a Sh!thole economy such as Kenya’s by the owners of these betting firms is too much relative to Kenya’s GDP. Any form of gambling should be heavily taxed to the range of 50-80 % on winnings and on company profits kama Germany. Kama ni kufunga wafunge we don’t need their jobs.

I have some japanese frens of mine who whenever they go to the casino they always ball out of control they love gambling lakini shida ni gambling and betting is illegal back home in Japan.

Gambling should be banned. Sex should also be banned for poor men.

We just need policies to regulate the trade, minimum stake should be 1000 si ati adi mwenye anaearn 200 bado anabet