20 die in a stampede in Moshi fighting for annointing oil.


Stupid Negroes

Africans!!! Am currently reading the God Virus and its one of those books that has made me see us from a new perspective… We are so clueless and afraid of new knowledge. I recently got the courage and told mama that the god of meshach and abednego was for those people and not her. She almost skinned me alive with words. She was like since I got financially independent I lost my faith… which is true…

I know deep down our intelligence is not an accident but we have created a million stories to help ourselves get it wrong. I have come to peace with the fact that when I die, I die…if there is anything after that I will deal with it… but am not going to contribute to my pastor having a private Jet while I struggle to keep his family well fed and educated.


Why didn’t the man of God save them with his FAKE oil?


fake and prosperity gospels are the opium of the poor, the hopeless and the idiots

Where are the real gospels for the rich?

the rich are busy selling the opium to the masses. others are in the idiot category eg the lady whose property was taken over by the doomsday prophet.

Next is to try to gain as much knowledge as possible. The only way to gain knowledge is by asking the hard questions.
For a start ask yourself the following very easy questions then purposely try to find out the answers (internet is your friend)

  1. Where did all the elements in the periodic table come from?
  2. What is the age of the earth and how was it calculated?
  3. Why is ocean water salty?
  4. Where did the sun come from?
  5. Why are we black whereas the whites are white?
  6. What was the Roman empire?
  7. Who built the first sea sailing ships? What technology did they use? How did they manouvre in the ocean?

You will realise that there is a whole world of knowledge and wonder out there. However it will take a lot of mental effort to try to internalize all that knowledge. Naturally most people want the easy way out. Usually the easy way out is to embrace superstition to explain the hard to understand stuff, religion to fit into the society and brute force to access real or imagined resources.

since tunajua resurrections are myths , why didn’t the pastor pray for the injured so that they cld walk home …

Haha,last year dec,i went to visit my parents and i got news that they were planning a thankgiving kwa church yao,i was reluctant to join them but well,i convinced myself to.

Siku ikafika and i got ready to go to church (they know im an atheist) ,my mom came to me akaanza “unajua ni vizuri kushukuru mungu bla bla bla…” Nkaanza kucheka and she said “najua huamini mungu lakini ni vizuri kuomba”

I was like,wtf are you talkin about…

Stupidity at its level best… religion itamaliza poor bonobos

Good call going.

I think of beliefs should be treated like tattoos. Just because you have them doesn’t mean you show them all the time.

The fact there are fake churches, fake prophets, fake religions affirms that there is an original religion somewhere. A knockoff Hermès purse exists under the shadow of an original Hermès otherwise no one would care. We are living in the age of deception but “he who endures to the end shall be saved.”

Was watching this,the other day. though a bit farfetched but it stirs up some sheet that bonobos try to discredit much about their ‘daddys and mummys’ lifestyles. Good comedy watch btw

True. But there are also fake poisons and original poisons. Doesn’t make the original less deadly

So what’s the way forward?

A non dogmatic examination of our long term goals as a group.