2 white pilots rescues a stuck driver in a flooded river, meanwhile Gachagua is repurposing police helicopters to roam around with them

Hata muite @Ndindu a “self-hater”, mzungu ako mbele ya Negro by over 500 years and it would take Negros 1000 years to reach current levels za mzungu.

WW1WGA @Akon City II


Given the helicopotela out resident rancher CUM degree holder CUM birrrrionare @magreb monocotyledonous onyango can rescue him , hapan tambua mozungu

In the Past blecks were ahead of other races then some cataclysm happened and wiped off those bright Africans, same with Mayans, Incas. This currnet generation of Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Caucasians will also go extinct warudi Zero. It keeps happening. Greeks and Romans came to study Mathematics in Egypt millennia ago.

Hio dereva ya turela @Meria Mata has always been a hindiot that is why he ended up in the middle of the river.

kuja Mtwapa, i withdrew my life savings sasa niko 150 ya tatu after that near death experience.

Nitawaambia mara ngapi. Politicians don’t care if a few peasants die hapa na pale. The only time they care is if their political seats are jeopardized before an election, or if they are at risk of losing their personal wealth in a time of total anarchy. Hii ingine ya sijui a few sh*tmunchers wanakufa hapa na pale nobody cares, especially politicians. Jagathi will sleep like a baby using police choppers for his convenience because he doesn’t care. The sooner you voters realize that, the easier it will be to make better choices during elections.

Ongea tu kiswahili ama kikamba @chap ataleta translation

Uza mcoondur bila kunisumbua

This is actually 100% true. A few dynasties, panjeets & expats lost their lives at Westgate and the whole country was in shock and mourning. Same thing happened to a couple of bonobos at Garissa Uni and no one gave a ferrk lol

Long hair dont care jewish thing
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Hovering manoeuvres over water during my time at MI6 were reserved for new recruits. Sisi experienced officers were reserved for more daunting hillside manoeuvres and snow and blizzard rescues.

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Bottom Line …

You Clowns got up at 4:00AM and empowered these Bottom-Up Sugoi Shareholder Hustler Conmen …

And I keep saying …
Quietly enjoy the Consequences of your bad Choices until 2027 …


Why me

umesahau pikcha ya mbuzi na guitar

Your association with know fagget makes us suspect you chief , ulitombwa Rasa na @uwesmake ? Deny it

ATI ulisema mshahara wa M16 ni kama pounds ngapi hivi?

Agents pay, official or non official, is one of the most classified information in spycraft.

The Rock is impressed by the rescue. #ItDoesntMatter