2 kg Maize flour will cost Ksh 200 soon. And some Bonobos will wake up to vote in August.

The world has experienced wars in countries which are biggest exporters of oil and no big inflation changed. What is so unique with Ukraine. And no politician is mentioning it in rallies. Hata mahindi inatoka Ukraine ama?

There has been no consistent rainfall in maize producing areas and the locusts, then bei ya fertiliser too. I don’t support the high prices either but there are factors too to be looked at, lakini najua kuna mahali pia tunawekewa lube vizuri


Labda sijashika hio heading yako, are you saying hakuna haja ya ku vote ama? I would think vitu kama hizo za high cost of life should be motivation for waking up and voting in good leadership and governance.

Hehe, voting those who were never featured on the news headlines and other places. The ones wenye hata wakienda IEBC kuclear their names no news reporter is on the scene. Goodluck

Tutaweka kisiagi kwa sitting room

Wacha sisi wakulima wa mahindi tunukishe

@johnpombe :

I wonder if the “holopoloi” in here know that 45% of the worlds fertilizers come from Ukraine and Russia …???

The combined effect of sanctions and bombing of facilities that some idiots here regularly celebrate, will be soon biting you all in the Ass …

And the Europeans , Americans and Asia are not about to share their vital strategic stockpile of this commodity …

You negroes is on your own …
Just so you know … :D:D:D

world economic forum aka iliminati wanaunda global food shortage
watu wazoee kukula flying ant na michicha polepole bila usubufu

Aren’t the Americans and Europeans the ones who demanded sanctions against Russia???

kwani hii Ukraine iko na mashamba kubwa aje

Mambo na thought out policies na gava inaweza cheki mbele…hapa ni kujaza rich agricultural land fwaa na flats but isokey

It was very open that once war broke out and sanctions rolled out, it is the developing nations that were to be shafted the most.

Everything is being blamed on Ukraine.

You would imagine in 2022, Africa would have been self sufficient in fertilizer.

Africa, South America and Asia Mainland have collectively all the Biodiversity , Minerals , Manpower and Resources to enable us secure our futures and prosper…

The only thing lacking is LEADERSHIP …

Almost without exception …
At the Top , the Principal Tribal Chiefs , Hustlers , Cronies , their offspring and Mistresses…

At the Middle , Tenderpreneuers , Fixers , Speculators , Errand Boys , Youthwingers and political hacks …

And far down the ladder , the ordinary suffering citizens…

Mahatma Gandhi was absolutely correct …


Na Bado …

Over the next 20 years , major Wars are going to be fought over resources …

Get ready to rumble … :D:D

Kenya does not import fertiliser from Ukraine.

“Kenya Fertilizers, mineral or chemical; potassic, potassium chloride imports by country | 2019 | Data” https://wits.worldbank.org/trade/comtrade/en/country/KEN/year/2019/tradeflow/Imports/partner/ALL/product/310420

Quote from World Bank
Kenya imports of Fertilizers, mineral or chemical; potassic, potassium chloride was $3,849.84K and quantity 10,525,900Kg.
Kenya imported Fertilizers, mineral or chemical; potassic, potassium chloride from Jordan ($1,788.03K , 5,500,000 Kg), Germany ($915.15K , 2,223,400 Kg), Russian Federation ($361.85K , 1,008,000 Kg), Switzerland ($207.26K , 550,000 Kg), Lithuania ($185.07K , 486,000 Kg).

Won’t your inputs cost more?

Ebu explain?