2 days to go

And yet Man Utd management haven’t signed up any new players.
What is wrong with these ferkers???

They got a list of like 6 players. They want to make a surprise announcement on 31st. Anyway, I’ve never been happier than Utd than I am now. Ole’s at the wheel till 2040.

Si ulisema umehama

Sigwes hama.
[SIZE=1]pengine on loan.[/SIZE]

Sometimes I wish I was a fly on the wall when the Old Man United speakers say wangwan to each other on the phone. David Beckham, the Neville bros, Rio Ferdinard, Dwight Yorke…hao! I understand they are still in touch with their DON Fergie who has health probs at the moment…
It is sad…[SIZE=1]mine are semi crocodile tears as I still support Man City.[/SIZE]

You guys beat a League 6 team in the FA so you are pretty much ok, even the under-rated teen Jesse Lingard scored…Bring back Alexis so that he can dust the piano.

Man Utd will currently attract no-one. What motivation is there to play for Manchester now?

The badge, the name

:D:D:D:D:D:D leo umejaribu si ma stale gay jokes