2 cents

If elections were held today would you vote in the cramp twins uhuruto looking down at their work ethics?


do they have any?

Mwalimu, has your account been hacked? Cc @FieldMarshal CouchP .


William. He can multitask.
konyagi on the other hand …

stealing and talking too much?

doing his phd while being the dp while meeting kenyans in karen and across the country while being in his office while meeting the president at state house while taking care of his family…

but what exactly has he stolen?


what was that “It wasn’t 21 billion it was seven billion”?

No. Uhuruto and their descendant home. Next!

yes, na Sina apology or explanation to anyone

He might have from some sugar importers I once worked for… Hii sio porojo.

Pea gas wind hii story anichapie. Anaita Ruto mwiss na hawezi taja kenye ameiba.