2 arrested with bhang worth 5M in Nyamira

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Two trips na umekafunga.

A cop once told me that ukitaka fiashara ya contraband ensure that you have money worth the mzigo at hand having paid your distro. Polisi akikusimamisha even before akague mzigo ushamuekelea 20k. Most will wave you on.

Snitches are everywhere. I have driven to busia and beyond several times and I am hardly ever stopped.


@FieldMarshal_CouchP unaona mboyshaond ndio amewekwa bangili alone


Hiyo ni kiraiko ya wakisii. They need it to remain normal

It is illogical to declare a natural plant illegal.

I don’t think a proper litigation using Katiba would find cannabis sativa illegal. The plant predates Kenyan law and can not be found illegal after the fact.

Every Kenyan has a legal right to consume natural plants as they wish. Unless they sue God or nature for creating the plant.

Who sat down and decided which plant is legal and which one is not. It is asinine.

And then for you to deprive someone of their liberty for a plant of nature is bonkers.

Tufukuze ubonobo.

Man made artificial laws cannot ever successfully declare nature unnatural.


Hunting wild game for food then should not be illegal.

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if someone needs to feed his family and is not being a capitalist profit devil. Yes

Its nature, lion eats gazelle for food not kill 100 gazelles to sell to other lions.

nature provides for need not for greed.

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Until we, as a society get to a level where the majority can control themselves and consume things moderately, most things will remain illegal.


One of the key role of a government is protect its people from themselves

cops do not consider females as a physical threat.

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