2 Americans kidnapped in Mexico killed while 2 return home

Black people ati they went for cosmetic surgery and holiday in a country that is run by drug Lords. Waafrika tumieni akili. Just bcz you are used to violence in the ghettos doesn’t make you bullet proof. In Mexico there are no black people to help you blend in. A gringo can blend in easier. Nyway RIP. Too bad wa kuongezea matina hajafauli.


why do you love death stories this much?

Why don’t you? It’s absolutely fascinating! Well, this was a really peculiar case. It wasn’t some gringos kidnapped otherwise it’d have been alot more dramatic. I knew something was up when the FBI offered a paltry 50k dollars. Then I saw a black American name and I was like hot damn. What were a bunch of black folk doing in Mexico? Either they were going for an about. rtion now that they are illegal and black women are the majority of planned parenthood customers or they were going for a BBL. And indeed one of them was. You know how black Americans are, they like doing things in groups.

That aside tell me what you think about this deputy DA. He’s a rock star in the true crime community. Lemme give you some fun facts why I love these ‘death’ stories. A serial killer has genius IQ. Whose your favorite serial killer? Ama you are just a cereal killer yourself? Mine is Jeffrey Dahmer. Btw women constitute the vast majority of the true crime community. Jeffrey Dahmer’s former residence hosts alot of true crime themed Bachelorettes parties. Why is he my favorite? He killed men. Mostly black men and he wasn’t a handsome devil like Ted Bundy. True crime genre has its own cable station Investigation Discovery and we’ve got lots of podcasts mostly hosted by women. Two cases that had gone cold for decades like the Christine Smart case was solved by a true crime podcast called in your backyard. I could talk about this all day long but I want you to tell me what you think of this case and this prosecutor.


Who needs fiction when there’s true crime? Bailey Sarian is my absolute favourite YT true crimer and 10 to Life by Elise don’t recall her last name, a newbie but she keeps you up to date and her research is on top of the game. I have no problem with women who wear tattoos. I don’t think that they have loose morals. As long as they don’t approach me with a needle we good.


Try listening to Sword and Scale podcast, it’s understated so it won’t upset your wall flower mind. The irony is that I can’t stand horror movies and anything with violence in it. I loved horror movies as a kid now you couldn’t pay me to take a peek. My mind is forensic, can’t stand the gore.