2/3 Gender Rule: Total BS

In my opinion, this rule is utter bullshit. This rule is a direct contradiction of gender equality. I believe that in any democratic process, the gender of a person should not matter. It is women who should step up their political game, not using a backdoor called the 2/3rd gender rule. In a truly equal society, the best candidate wins, man or woman. If most of the best candidates who win are men, women can only blame themselves for not stepping up. Not trying to sneak a stupid law that hands them positions on a silver platter. I would still maintain this stand if there were more women than men in parliament. That rule rewards failures based on their gender which doesn’t make sense. We already have female governors, who stepped up and won. Women should follow this example and fight it off with male contestants in fair democratic processes. This is similar to stating that 2/3rd of the top 30 candidates in KCSE should be of one gender. It doesn’t make sense. The best candidate wins!! Gender notwithstanding.

Inaitwa affirmative action, which outdid its purpose. It is now working against the boy shald

The folks who drafted our konstitushon were activists. Time is now ripe for a review. The current system of representation is not only bloated but unsustainable too.


“By 1920, over 40 states had adopted similar legislation requiring that public restrooms be separated by sex.”

It’s more of a representation issue but go on with your rant mate

You don’t need to review the whole thing. Take the misguided parts and correct them through amendments or Acts.

Otherwise, you’ll be giving another 76 billion to younger monkeys. They are still monkeys!

Problem is that it is in the constitution. So has to be a referendum. Also too many representatives and governors.

Will you say the same about people with disabilities, youth etc on representation? We even complain about tribe quotas…cabinet imejaa wakikuyu blablabla… Hon. Raila even complained about tyranny of numbers?

You are off topic. Topic ni 2/3 gender rule in light of gender equality. Full-stop. Hii ingine unasema should be addressed on a case by case basis. One issue at a time. My thesis is that by pursuing the 2/3rd gender rule, women directly contradict gender equality.

It’s bull.

But you must see beyond the charade. The push for a referendum is nigh.

nilisema kitambo wamama na madem belong in the kitchen wakipika ugali

Kwanza hiyo ya youth ni ujinga pia. The country has a lot of youth. They can vote for their own.

The same rationale was used. Gender is the main denominator. Every bugger wants representation. The problem is the electorate, it is full of fools.

Unaona Uganda vile bobi amepeleka wazee mbio.

@Purple …why is your handle blue na hauna tarimbo? Kuna minimum qualifikeshen na hujafikisha madam. One tree and at least one ball for Mundu Mulosi’s sake.

but why would you call it a Democratic state when you have only one gender in parliament like in the old days?
With a sprinkling of Ngilu, ojiambo, betty tett, uhuru’s, aunt, karua and maybe one or two more kanu affiliated ladies. That’s not a democracy.

The issue is the reduction of too many representatives and NOT too many women representatives. They should remove the men and add more youths and the disabled.

I can also understand the logic behind the huge representation was to devolve power even more. Like in the U.S. where they have a federal govt., cabinet secretaries, governors, mayors, sherrifs, councilmen etc. They even have state govts and different versions of police.

The Kenyan drafters idea was to make power and resources to move faster. If you can’t get the chief you can see the woman rep. But in Kenya hizo milango sijui kama utafunguliwa rahisi…

If the governor can’t clean Githurai, the more empowered local MCA should push the governor to do it, but it doesn’t seem to be working that way. Maybe the MCA should have executive powers, juu mtu kama Waititu ameshindwa.

The huge number is it really bad? I mean these are Kenyans working. Maybe reduce the salaries. You fire them they join the jobless corner.

The beauty of devolution is the power to remove a Waititu type. Hawezi jificha. Dakika za mwisho ndio atajenga mabarabara in record speed like Kabogo. Kabogo was even buying ambulances in the last days of his campaign. Desperation.

Hiyo ya tribe quotas ndio inafaa kutolewa.

How does it contradict gender equality when they will still be a minority at 33%???