1X Bet trashy ladies adverts

Tutabet ama tutasafishwa/chafuliwa macho? What do they achieve with search ads?


Ngombe, hio umetoa wapi?

That’s their adverts ngamia hii kwa blogs za kenya



Ngombe, apan tambua ads…

1XBet is a scam bookmaker owned by some Russian mafia.They are notorious all over the world for manipulation and cheating,refusing to pay winners and disappearing with customer deposits.

Leta evidence.

Do you rely live on earth or you are an alien from pluto?

A quick search online on many betting forums and bookmaker review sites will show you that 1xbet has tons of complaints from its users.
Internationally 1xbet is ranked very poorly by the betting community.Infact many sports betters in Europe call it a scam bookmaker.
If you are a winning player you are guaranteed to encounter problems with them.
This is just an example of its many negative reviews…In this review website 1xbet is given a rating of D- based on the feedback from its users

You surf too much porn. This is as a result of your browser cache kujaa porn. [SIZE=7]AKILI Chafu[/SIZE]

I bet so i get bet ads…i realized akili chafu ni wewe

us normal punters get normal bet ads. What makes you different

wait untill u win huge amounts then wakuitishe u send your verrification documnts to russia via post office