1UZ V8 4.0 test run

We put in coolant, petrol in a bucket, connected the ECU and run the engine.

Nisikie mtu akiongea juu ya pixels za camera.
@kiLo- , sauti ndio hiyo.
Sauti ilifanya sheppart itoroke.


Omera, how do you expect my Iphone X China Edition version 12.1 to view this low quality photo!


Hii ulitoa kwa gari gani. I thought it’s rare than the 2UZ? [SIZE=1]Ok, sijui much about engines, just an assumption [/SIZE]

I apologise profusely.

I don’t know who the donor car was.
2UZ is bigger by 700cc but has less punch, and someone called the rods of the 2UZ gay.


Makanika, naeza weka hii kwa professional box yangu??

tengeneza ndege. usiweke kwa gari kubwa saana. ukuwe unaishika isiende.

Unless uweke engine kwa boot.


Hizi ma sweep mazee!!! :D:D


Mujamaa kwanini iko na logo ya mitsubishi? Ama naona zangu?

True. Slapped the badge coz it’s going into a Mitubishi.
The one in there right now is the same 1UZ but not VVTI.
A bump in HP from 260 to 300 and torque from 365 to 420.


Hizo parts za blue and red are they aftermarket ?
Hii anxiety yako ni noma you couldn’t wait to drop it in.Looks like tunafanana you get anxious and unpack and setup an item and when you are stuck is when you start looking for the manual.

On the contrary.
We had to wait for the stand alone ECU which came later.
So there was time to take apart the pulleys and spray paint them red, fuel rails yellow and the rest blue.

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This thing will be a beast! You still owe me a run.

I haven’t forgotten.
I put most things on the back burner coz of fam stuff.
Next year utajua hujui.
Kuja na yule mtu wa 1498cc exhaust kubwa na tint nyeusi.


Those torque figures … I like I like

:D:DUle mtu atadivert aende sabina. Owessleta yeye.

Makanika chieth

Marine Diep!
Idhi nade?

Hiyo engine naeza Weka kwa v8 yangu ya silver?