1TB Meme Card

Does a 1TB Mem Card really cost 1300 bob. Is this realistic???


perfomance?? ama nilie utaka hapo ukiota moto transferring files… wacha nikae na ssd

… utapata capacity ni 80gb… anything you save after that capacity inakuwa corrupted


Wee nunua juzi niligundua chuom ingine vitu fairly priced huko ndanindani nikagundua vile tunanyoroshwa hizi front shops ki bei



So there are fakes

From other people’s review the only exist one is above $900 and the ones under $100 are probably fake

Peana location bana

It’s definitely a fake drive. Use a tool called H2testw and identify any fake usb drive.

Kama ni Kilimall toroka boss. Hao ni wakora ile noma na wamejaza fakes kama zote

pin location mazee



Linus also made a video about this