1999 YOM Subaru Forester Advertisement

Nairobi, Kenya

It’s time for me to part with my beloved Subaru Forester that’s been in my care for 3 years. I’d never sell it if I wasn’t about to leave the country.
Unlike every single expat who has driven their first ever 4x4 vehicle in Kenya I’m not going to refer to mine as ”The Beast” – it’s far too agile and flexible to earn such a horrible nickname.

My friends tell me not to write that I just drove it to Joburg and back – but I think that this 11 000km journey just proves that this is one of the best allround vehicles you can find for East African roads (besides, it shows on the odometer anyway and that distance only on Kenyan roads would be way worse for the car than what we covered).
It could take speedbumps in the 100s in Tanzania, it sailed through Zambia and from Botswana downwards we could push a steady 175km/h for hours over the endless flats. In Joburg, some Boer mechanics with serious muscles and tattoos up to their necks (that’s what their Subaru specialists look like) changed oil filter, air filter and oil and told me I was good to go back. There were no issues whatsoever. I’m doing the same service as we speak.

To me, this car is optimal for driving in Kenya. It’s got constant 4x4 driven by a flat 2.0L boxer engine that gives amazing stability and it has a turbo that kicks in after 3000rpm, giving much appreciated power when joining Waiyaki Way by Safaricom or when overtaking six trucks in a row outside Voi. Though the best roads to drive this car on remains the dirt road through Kakamega forest or the former lake bottom sand tracks along Lake Victoria – it’s just incredibly fun to drive on some decent rally roads. But if you push it past the 180km mark on your way to Namanga, the needle will just keep moving and the engine won’t struggle at all.
The manual gearbox has a wonderful ratio. Push it to 140km/h on 3rd gear and continue to 170km/h on 4th to get optimal power before engaging 5th, but then you’ll burn some extra petrol.
A/C is working just fine, by the way.
The rally brakes are fantastic – four pot caliper brakes on the front wheels, two pot on the rear, that’s double the standard brake power which makes it very smooth to slow down.
The nearest competitor in this price range would be the popular Mitsubishi IO, but I’ve seen those struggle at high altitudes and that’s not going to happen with this turbo.

The car is from 1999 but it’s in great condition and comes with some extras:

Two years ago I replaced the whole engine and since then it’s been serviced every 5000km.
• ”The Midnight Sun” – 10 LED lights in a rack by the radiator. This gives you 10500 lumen worth of light, compared to the standard 1500 lumen high beam. Excellent for punishing those fools who can’t tell the difference between high and low beam. And gives great visibility during night time driving.
• Sound system – Four Sony speakers and a Pioneer subwoofer under the passenger seat. Excellent sound with base enough to create a minor earthquake. USB connection on the Pioneer stereo that can charge an iPhone and play music from all kinds of sources, as well as aux.
• Turbo timer, adjustable engine switch off delay. Currently set to 30s to let the engine cool down after driving.
• And it comes with a real fire extinguisher, a full sized spare wheel, two triangles – and if I sell the car this week I’ll throw in a brand new cooler box from SA that can be powered through the cigarette jack.

Anyone buying this car will look forward to lots of joy. Whatsapp or call on 0715003058, tyre kickers are encouraged to stay home. If interest is high, price might rise to 550K, however I’ll not sell below 500K as I’d rather keep it parked here as I’ll be coming back to Kenya quite a lot.
It’s available from September 10th, 10 percent deposit needed to seal the deal. Available for viewing in Lavington.

YOM: 1999
Engine size: 1999cc
Gear: 5 speed manual
Odo: 170K (new engine in 2014)

manze the guy is in love with this car, hii ukinunua utapigwa lecture kama vile chali hupewa lecture na buda ya dame

SG or SF ?

Eish @papabingy hio masharti yako ni wagwaan

Nice description lakini u have forgoten to upload the pics of the car, you know a pic is worth a thousand words


Most definitely SF5. Very solid car.

Inafaa kuwa hivo. Once nilikuwa nauza gari, a Subaru forester sg5. I had set the price at 720k non negotiable. Ninjas would come with offers but ni kuwachuja tuu. It was a take or leave deal. I don’t know why Kenyans believe that anyone selling his car is desperate. Unapata a ninja anamake a counter offer of 500k on a 700k deal while reasoning that he can get a similar car elsewhere. Thie ukiumanga

17+ yrs kula 350k cash uishie zako ukikaukanga.

Am contented with my GT:D:D:D

Nyinyi ndio tunasema. The deal is non negotiable, take or leave. By the way, there are a lot of 1999 forester for way less. Enda nunua hizo ujionee. Unknown to you, you might end up spending more that 500k ndio ifike league yako. Bushes-90k, paint job-40k, sensors-30k, lamps-10k, labour-15k, tyres-40k, ngoma-30k. Total(350+90+40+30+10+15+40+30)=605k. Fanya hesabu.

Disposing a wife !

[Push it to 140km/h on 3rd gear and continue to 170km/h on 4th to get optimal power before engaging 5th, but then you’ll burn some extra petrol.
hizo ratios ziko accurate!
nakumbuka nze nilikuwa gear 3 by 60kph gear 4 by 80kbp halafu 100kph 5th gear
hatakama nze ni 120bhp hiyo difference ni kubwa sana

@magreb = @papabingy = homo @Web Dev

You can actually hit 100 kph on gear 2 in a turbocharged Subaru. Shida itakuwa kwa fuel. Inanyonya kidogo since that is some mad driving. ION, I am selling a 2003 forester LL BEAN edition at 700k non negotiable. There is also a 1999 legacy for 380k though this is an ex-accident car. Hit my inbox

buying a manual turbo is in my to do list but i plan on getting a sti in the near future.thought pricey i cant wait to feel the power of 350bhp

It will blow you away. Once drove a 2.5 legacy manual B4. Ndege hio

Hiyo moti ikona kick ingine noma sport#

Waah hiyo engine itakua mkebe within 1yr. That means hitting 9000 rpm without blowing the engine!! Ngai fafa soo ukiwa namba mbili, hiyo ni ndege walae!!!