1920s international scientists meeting. No black person in the photo

No bonobos were present.

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Accurate analysis

The photo is from 1927 not 1960. It has been colourised. The people in the photo are all major names: Marie Curie, Einstein, Schrodinger, Heisenberg and Planck.

Pierre Curie, Joule

We use these people’s analysis to date. In fact only partially so.

Africans during that time period were in fact kangz, so I guess they were busy

Correction: Jewish scientists!

We waz being kungz my nigga

Hapana kasirisha anti-semite @kyuktothecore . Yeye hatambui ya kwamba God’s chosen people ndio huwa wanapewa ujuzi.

Najua Tu Einstein

Hata wamama hakuna

The collective IQ in that picture can burn a hole in your brain

Marie Curie is there sitting on the front row


If only you knew…


Magere akilli yako iko timamu kweli ati peanut butter? It’s a recipe not an invention bonobo

Did the swastika go willingly or was it administrative action?

(((They))) were responsible

How can you compare the black guy (Carver) who made peanut butter with the men and woman in the photo who made groundbreaking discoveries in physics and chemistry: radioactivity, theory of relativity, The Heisenberg Principle?

You can’t deny that we as black people are smart, but not as smart as one can possibly be.