18,000 Cows Die In Texas Dairy Farm Fire. Gaza Kuja Kitogo

USA, TX (Reuters) - More than 18,000 cows died after an explosion and fire at a family dairy farm in west Texas, marking the deadliest such barn blaze on record in the United States.
Firefighters rescued one employee from the South Fork Dairy near Dimmitt on Monday as flames raced through a building and into holding pens, according to images and statements from the Castro County Sheriff’s Office.


Most of the perished animals – a mix of Holstein and Jersey cows – were in a large holding pen before being milked, she said. The 18,000 cows represented about 90% of the farm’s total herd.
With each cow valued roughly at about $2,000, the company’s losses in livestock could stretch into the tens of millions of dollars, Gfeller said. That doesn’t include equipment and structure loss.


He hehe… Kuna group US inachoma hizi large farms… Ebu Google how those large chicken and pig farms have been going up in flames…
@Aka mpole ni group gani hii? Climate warriors?

100% true. They must be some Green Earthers or something. This is like the 7th large farm fire this year.

This together with train derailments, Chemical factory fires something is cooking.

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I didn’t know they were active in the US? Nimezoea kuona such characters in the UK. Antifa nayo vita zao huwa ideological based. I would check them out.

Iko insurance.


Yeah right,if he paid for fire and explosions. Ushageukwa na insurance after wapate ni maliar ilivunja windscreen yako?