17 Companies Issued Profit Warnings in 2019

Crown Paints
Kenya Re
National Bank
Williamson Tea
Home Africa
UAP Old Mutual
Standard Group
Nairobi Securities Exchange
CIC Insurance
Kenya Airways
Link: https://kenyanwallstreet.com/2019-in-review-17-companies-issued-profit-warnings/

I expect the trend to change in the next year or so after removal of the cap on interest rates. 2020-2025 will be very interesting years to play the market. I believe we will see the first Kenyan company to make a billion dollars in net profit within that period - Safaricom or the banks.

Twendi fofofo!!!

wezi wa write off claims karibu kuangusha kampuni bwana

In stock exchange, my 500K investment is now down to 300K. Never again

Kenya Power is currently trading at 3 Bob nataka ninunue nyingi sana

Never invest in companies where GOK owns more than 35%

Which companies did you put your money in? I suspect you followed the advice of your broker and didn’t do research

I dont see this being possibile.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

please enlighten us more

mzito @Okiya ,tunangoja hii advice