16 yrs old redpill


Inert/dead tweet link. Take a screenshot of the tweet and post that instead

Venye bottom barrel beta male amesema huko juu

Screenshot the tweet.

PanyaA midget iz vipi


He took one for the team,makes us proud


“High value men like will be going after 18-23 yrs olds meanwhile you will be desperate to settle with a beta cuck who watches you fuck other men”
21 GUN salute to this MOFO

I’d like to see the start of this conversation. The kid’s not wrong but he sounds pissed and bitter. Maybe he is still in the rage phase or he hit on her and she rejected him.

Uyu si 16y.o

Exposure to too much MGTOW literature and YouTube tuturiols and baaam! We have a graduate

That is not just redpill. That is more like Ben 10 mean Rath

:D:D:D:D:D… AMG , we are growing bigger and bigger!!! .

Leteni mpesa huyo kijana

Illuminati niaje.

Hakuna haja Mzee kibor ametuma na western union.

I wouldn’t want my 16 years old son to type such kind of message.

Me neither. But I must admit that boy is more prepared to navigate the 21st century gender dynamics minefield than most boys. We grew up in times where boys teased girls, and girls teased them back. Nowadays, the kind of animosity directed towards the male gender by law, government and many social institutions…women have become berserkers, and men have to adjust accordingly.

The next generation of alphas. Good stuff