16:9 phones

Where can I find those smartphones with the earlier ratio of 16:9 hata kama ni refurb. Am not a fan of this new Aspect ratios. Simu ni konde alafu ni refu bure. I used to be a fan of 5’5 phones…

Kwanza hii aspect ratio mpya ya 21:9 inaboo kabisa

Human eyes are 16:9. Thats all that matters.
The other fancy ratios are supposedly for multitasking, something humans are realy bad at.

soon simu zitakaa hivi


Sasa hii ni nini? :smiley:

For me, i miss the one-hand texting that was possible in the 4.0 to 5.0" smartphones. I hate these bulky modern phones. They only need to add more ram and memory to smaller handsets…