15W40 non detergent oil

I am repairing an electric driven compressor motor with gears and I’m in need of 15W40 NON-DETERGENT oil. Any leads on where to get this?

cc @introvert

P/S: Lemme see how many people who have no clue about what I need or where to get it but still feel the urge to urinate on my thread.

The kawaida 15w40 you can get at Car & General I know.
The non-detergent one I do not know.

  1. A non detergent oil is basically a base- No additives at all. It is difficult to find 15w40 , which is multi grade oil without any additives. Kwa hivyo ni ngumu sana kupata hio oil since ni oil za kitambo sana. The reason why the manufacturer would ask you use a Non-detergent is because there is less carbon deposit build up when using them.

  2. However , you can go for a detergent oil that has low additive levels. Check in Petrol stations utafute any 15w40 that has a CH classification. Kitu kama Helix HX3 from Shell.


  1. Get a fully synthetic compressor Oil- Although pricey, they will offer excelent resistance to carbon build-up just like the Non - Detergent.

Thanks for this. You are correct in that non-detergent oils ni za kitambo but I think you mis-understand my need, having equated it to motorvehicle use.

My “machine” does not have an oil filter. Therefore, detergent oil is not desirable because it will hold impurities in suspension. Instead, the sludging effect of non-detergent oil is desirable for my application.