15% Positivity Rate in Covd Plandemic - What's cooking?

This fake planned thing is up to something… what could it be? New Lockdowns in December?

Investors must recoup their money

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Two weeks ago ilikuwa imenishika.
Lack of appetite
Isipokuwa ni vile I am vaccinated inakaa hii kitu ingenipeleka sana Wadau.
Niko chonjo sasa.

Did you take some meds? I hear that almost all those who have died from it were hospitalized mostly in private hospitals… Kwanza the top private hospitals… what’s the catch?

wacha ujinga msee. uko wapi nitume jeshi ikupige

I think nilimeza just 2 piritons juu ya homa.
That’s it.

Niko hapa Karen hardy.
Opposite Co-operative University.
Tuma hio jeshi.

safi chief iyo upuzi ya vaccicen na corona utawacha. Naongea na doggy yangu @Wanaruona atifika hapo in a few

I got vaccinated and with the benefit of hind sight and recent readings… I think I should not have been… The whole thing is sooo opaque and there is certainly an agenda they are driving with it…

We said it. Facts will come out when few people will be concerned.

A young woman in her early 30s died late October due to breathing complications as a result of Covid.
She was never vaccinated.

Was she admitted in hospital? If so, which one?

KU referral

My theory still holds… there is a game in those hospitals… It is not easy to let someone rest and recover at home… but these are the statistics that they need to share… I bet that the vast majority of deaths took place in hospitals… and all factors constant, it is possible that there could be some games happening in those hospitals… So, if I got infected I would prefer to isolate and recuperate at home… Since it is likely to be an extremely high level conspiracy thing… we might never know the truth because those in power and have the financial muscle seems to manipulate the world through nonsensical thing like COVID, Russian invasion of Ukraine in order to achieve some global objectives…


Just like the fake 911 nonsense… COVID, Osama Bin Laden (BTW is there proof that he was actually killed other than the reports from US Government?)

Mkunduuuuuh wewe. Stop selling us guoya.

911 didn’t happen? Gerrarahia!

Kwani COVID bado iko