14 Billion

Figure this,

An average life changing irrigation water project implemented by the govt bodies such as National Irrigation Agency costs approximately 300 million. Such projects are providing essential water for rural communities all over the country. 14 billion would therefore finance over 46 such projects all over the country.

Also imagine if 14 billion was pumped into Nhif towards the universal healthcare goal. How many people would it save from worrying about corona related hospital bills.

Imagine the number of dilapidated classrooms that 14 billion would repair. Then some political FOOLS want us to waste 14 billion on some useless referendum to pass a stupid bbi that seeks to reward self seeking politicians. Dont forget that the 14 billion will be a waste because the bbi will be rejected by the suffering mwananchi. What a waste. Only tenderpreneurs providing services to iebc will benefit from this scam. And you can guess who are behind these tenderpreneurs, you geussed right, the same politicians.