13 children dead in school stampede in Kakamega

Students fell to their deaths while in a stampede to leave classes after the bell rang. Kenya we need prayers Sijui tunangojea nini our leaders to call for a national day of prayer and repentance. Juzi ni lightening iliua watoto inside classes. Something I’ve never heard of. Pastors wawache siasa Waite maombi. The calamities in this country are a very bad omen.


Pupils don’t leave classes like that, they must have been running from a teacher they’re mortally afraid of. Nimeona “viongozi” wakisema it’s not the time for blame games. Sijui mtu hufeel aje akijua watoto wanamwogopa kiasi hicho.

Prayers for what? Do prayers work?


Am not buying this, What was the cause of stampede? They must have been running to avoid some Disciplinary action from a teacher

They were running away from a ghost not a teacher. It’s a sacrifice. No blood anywhere. I’ve seen bodies in the morgue. Zero blood stains they look like they are asleep

Running out at the end of school day? They were running away from a teacher.
They have always come out of their classes in orderly fashion. Why would they choose to run home today?


God have mercy. So painful.


But why do you always blame unfortunate events on supernatural forces? Ati ghosts???


Boss listen to the parents of the surviving kids first then you can comment.

Izi chura ziliingia aje kichwani mwako? :meffi::meffi:

RIP poor babies, please guys before leaving your house pray for your family bcz evil is lurking everywhere in this country even in a safe place like a school. Just last week a colleague lost a child in campus after his friend and business partner hit him over business disagreements. Both were very bright students. The devil is roaming all over like a lion looking for whom he may devour. Usitoke kwako before you pray especially for your kids hata wale wako campus bure investment yako muhimu in this world will be plucked by Satan through such senseless evils .



We do need a revolution in this country.

Magoha ni mjinga. He expects school to continue as usual. What a useless professor.

Also wondering…some beliefs can deadlock someone

At this rate inafaa turudi 2019 and re-approach 2020…hii mwaka haitaki mchezo

I have seen such in nightclub stampedes after a fire breaks out… mnatoka at the same time mpaka mnakwama kwa hallway … eventually some suffocate to death… I wonder what those kids were running from. If its a teacher then that teacher is in hot soup …

Kumanina! Why post these videos here? Is it so that we know you’re ahead of news? What if your equally mentally challenged kids were among the victims, would you gleefully post the vids here?