12 governors risk charges in 7.7 Billion Covid funds misuse

Hii Kenya I think the best thing for wanjiku is just to join in the eating since everyone is eating.


From the Nation article: :slight_smile:

"Tharaka-Nithi also issued a tender for the construction of Water Towers at Chuka Referral Hospital at Sh751 million. The Auditor General has noted that this price surpassed the engineers estimate by 59 percent. The engineer had estimated that it would cost Sh279,866 to construct each of the tanks. "

they can trace that money and get the thieves if they wanted to ? …it’s so easy

Well fu*k them. What I know is that watalipi huo wizi tu.

After huu wizi wote mnaenda kuwapatia condolences wakikufa? Maghaseer wao. Nikiona politician amemwaga unga i say to myself…" another one bites the dust." Wakende huko washenzi.

a water tower to cost over half a billion? mamayoooo!!!

I am for public beheadings of the corrupt governors.

Tharaka Nithi is a shithole county, huyo governor ni kuiba tu na kubinjana. very arrogant na kutusi wamama