Twelve people have been killed in a suspected Islamist attack in northern Mozambique, with thousands of villagers fleeing the area into neighbouring Tanzania, police sources said Sunday.
Early Friday, “there was an attack in Nangane district, where there are no security patrols. The attackers killed 12 people, mostly women and children,” a police source in Cabo Delgado province, who asked not to be named, told AFP.

alshabaiby wamefikaaje huku??

Is maputo safe?


Why have you named it as Islamist Attack and not terrorist’s attack? The Islamic religion has nothing to do with extremist!

sio mimi, ni githeri media

Basi githeri media zinakosea

Why don’t we just do away with anything religious and ferk ourselves up. Start a killing spree without laws or boundaries.


islamic extremist call it what it is

Usiogope mtu bwana… kama media imesema ni islamist attack then that is what it is

The Negroid brain + Religious fundamentalism = Complete Disaster

I have always prided myself in being well informed but ni juzi tu nilijua kuna Muslims Mozambique, and that they have a terror problem.

I always heard of Renamo Vs Frelimo from back in the early 70s…

I love the way all those negroes from Europe went to Syria to join ISIS. Just go to Telegram and see how they were decapitating people, I tell you…

I read somewhere they follow the teachings of that dead chieth Aboud Rogo.

Lol. Islam has everything to do with it.


Let’s not beat around the bush.

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Mister @Meria Mata sometimes a lot of undeserved credit is given to some of these terrorist organizations

You must be joking.

Rwandese negros massacred a million people in 3 months, Not even Stalin, Khmer or Hitler could achieve such a high number in 3 months.

Again do not believe everything thrown your way, it may be aimed at whipping emotions for political and ideological reasons.

Through Tz perhaps.

Rest on peace my African brodas