12 dead bodies hidden - possible reasons

This is a sick nation, what is the motive of bodies of 12 dead babies wrapped and hidden in lockers ???

1.An illegal abortion racket ,disposing the bodies is an issue
2.child trafficking - babies who die are hidden so that mothers of stolen babies are shown them as “evidence”
3.There is un-confirmed info power was switched of in the unit of babies born prematurely and hence to hide the deaths their bodies were hidden awaiting clandestine disposal
4.lack of space in the morgue to keep the bodies
5.Witch-craft - claims that baby parts are in high demand in the black-magic business, esp in TZ

Ushawahi sikia [SIZE=6]stem cells[/SIZE] harvesting ??

Ata wewe kuwa serious Pumwani maternity ni mahali ya kufanya stem cell harvesting. Some people are always in a hurry to be the first ones to reply to a thread, unfortunately most of those responses are shit

:D:D:D i was shocked too, hata heri ingekuwa KHN coz of the UON medical school

Most likely… Body swapping (where they swap a dead baby with a live one)…

Other reason is witch craft…

Wish craft is the most likely reason hawa watu wa Engiti wanapenda watoto still born.

Hii Kenya hata haieleweki siku hizi

I choose number 2. Baby swapping. Wako anazaliwa anauzwa then unaonyeshwa mwenye amededi unaambia ndio huyo

si nasikianga mukisema kitaeleweka?

Maybe they heard that sonko ako area, they panicked and decided to hide some of the bodies so as to reduce the number of documented deaths hapo

:D:D:D:D some people think harvesting stem cells is like harvesting maize or beans or uprooting a tooth. Reminds me those people who say kidneys harvesting in slums are for transplanting in the US :D:D:D

Or stillbirths, not all women carry their dead babies home so the hospital has to keep them. Honestly I am not so sure why Kenyans are shocked, this has been happening since the 80s.

In Kenya, who is even running such a lab??We are not Europe or the Americas!!

Pumwani hainaga morgue. Maiti huchukuliwa na wasee wa City Mortuary on selected days

no 2

plus those city mortuary guys are worse than satan himself

I hear So but no background information on how they operate. Tell us please

they are supposed to go for the bodies after being called by pumwani but they go when they want, sometimes when they pile up. they also take pics of dead people for fun and if they decide to mess with you they can show you the wrong body parts esp in times of nasty accidents. let’s not forget selling the deceased’s info to those paparazzi who show up at funerals. There is something very wrong with those city mortuary attendants,

Favella za brazil ungeshikwa na polisi unapeanwa kwa cartel kidney inatembea (from max payne 3 hehe)

Is this pumwani still under Nairobi county? If so where should the ultimate blame fall?