100k for apperance talkers wa150 mko wapi



Shes not serious:D

Mbona anakaa Gorilla. Ni nani


:D:D:Dpeople overestimate their value

:D:D:D:D kapumpum kanafanana na @Nameberry1


Maybe she meant ksh 100

:D:D:D:D:D:D a true ogre . Kama hii iko chini tunalipa 300/= only [ATTACH=full]477714[/ATTACH]

Why would anyone need someone who looks like this in their presence?

I have Googled that name and I’m surprised she is given extensive media presence. This is a true definition of an ogre

And She 21 years old!!! WTF I though shes at least 37!

Hii ilikuwa prank ya April 1st, fools day that is.


Someone should tell her clubs don’t extend Halloween for that long.

Ala! I have also seen she attracts a lot of negative views from the public. I think she sets up herself for the massive trolling

Who is this anakaa fishy fishy?

Majamaa apa wanajifanya na chini ya maji wanaitisha digits za huyo m.she. If you don’t believe ulizeni ‘wangapi crew’

Not bad, solid 8.5/10