1000 Ways to Die

Be very careful what you wish for …
Very Careful … :D:D


5 minutes of that and you suffocate to death.

Actually , that is a favorite pastime of many in here … :D:D

Not me

:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:…hapa utakula tape worms kilo kadha ,mdau

Rexx is that you?

ile mbwa ya nainama and you know what i do next iko wapi ?

This pastime has its downsides , but Tapeworms is the least of them … :D:D:D

No wonder I love Luo girls with their big asses anikalie hivyo akinimwagilia juices

Mbona ujigeuze exhauster na haulipwi ukivuta hivi mafi yote

WTF dude

Travel the world my friend.

@cortedivoire aka @Old Monk huwa anapenda hii maneno sana.but huyo vajo sidhani anaelewa ni nini hio huwa anadai.
Juu ataangalia hii clip like :


To get asphyxiated by whale turds? Hell the fvck no

This is attempted murder!

@cortedivoire elders have hereby summoned you. They have so many questions.

Siwezimind kulipa 150 nifanyiwe hivo

One of my many fetishes i must try.

This kills.

Reminds me of Rikishi Phatu