$100 “Trump defeats COVID” coins Now on Sale... Wapi Purple..?

Coins commemorating President Trump surviving COVID-19 are already available for pre-order at an online gift shop.

The $100 “Trump defeats COVID” coins are for sale on the website of The White House Gift Shop, which is not affiliated with the White House.

The coin is part of a series designed by Anthony Giannini, who is also chairman of the White House Gift Shop.
He described the COVID-19 coin as the last coin in the series illustrating “President Trump’s ascendance over and defeat of the deadly COVID pandemic virus.”


He ain’t safe yet; but at least his sheep will go back to their trailers. There could be chaos as he leaves the hospital shortly.
Another live feed from his supporters:


Watu wanukishe kitunguu…

That MF has been positive and symptomatic for less than a week. There’s no way this man has “defeated” Covid19.

Just listening and watching from a distance


Huyu Trump ana vipindiree kuliko Sonko