100 Inch Screen

Nowadays I have grown averse to clubbing, I prefer chilled out places where I can enjoy good company with friends or just my own company.

I am an avid visitor of pangani liberty hall parking lot. @mayekeke might have visited here. It’s a nice place, you just park, and sit in your car with friends enjoying music, conversation and whatever else you enjoy…mostly chewing kadigital for my friends and Khadijah’s coffee + njugu for me.

I go here relatively often especially when the walls at home feel like they’re closing in on me.

Anyways like everything else done tooo often, one desires a change. Hence, the reason for this thread.

Ni wapi mnajua mtu anaeza drive, park and just while the evening away enjoying music and whatever in the car?

My friends and I call this the 100 inch screen coz of the view from the windscreen ( I’m not sure about he 100 inch part)

This evening I wanted to visit the KICC rooftop but I arrived there at 6:30 and they close at 6pm.

So right now I’m enjoying the 100 inch screen outside a KICC (see mbisha). But I can’t stay here long.

So any pointers?


Uhuru gardens and karura…

Starehe ni aina nyingi kweli…

Karura Usiku ???

Kuna screen iko hapo roundabout ya Haileselasie na Uhuru highway, shida sijui uta park gari wapi. :D:D:D

He didn’t specify the time…

Savage :D:D:D:D.

I feel you men. I also sometimes feel depression creeping in after staying indoors for too long (I work from home). This is why I always ensure I spend atleast 2 days in a month outside enjoying nature and the night life - one day with my family and the other one alone so I can recharge my brain (I’m a creative)

"Ni wapi mnajua mtu anaeza drive, park and just while the evening away enjoying music and whatever in the car? "

Paradise lost would be cool but i am not sure they would allow ppl to park and chill.

Pia mi huwak from home, and going out like that is really good to maintain sanity

I think they do, I’ve been there a couple times ones, though sijajua kaa hadi usiku. Good thing is they have those gazebos and you can even choma nyama

I’m I the only one who logged in quickly to view the 100" TV…

Anyway, welcome back @Riva

@Riva generation yetu na @gashwin @FieldMarshal CouchP @mabenda4 tulipta drive in cinemas, big white screen na speaker unaletewa kwa gari. sikua naenda hapo drive inn thika rd ama belle vue kuangalia movie, it was kukamua time
@Ice_Cube leta hizo mbisha from tbt

@Meria Mata ulipata drive-in kweli? Sema tu ukweli.

sisemi kitu


Hehe hii ni live 100 inch tV …and thanks it’s good to be back…nimekuta huku watu wamekua criminal detectives and lawyers. :D:D

vipi meria, hope umekua poa…they should bring it back inaeza kua hangout poa sana