10 years ago CM Punk made the iconic pipe bomb


The Pipebomb was an iconic moment in WWE. What makes it iconic is that WWE let Punk talk all crappy things about McMahon and the company. It seemed unscripted. WWE scripted the Pipebomb and made it seem unscripted by cutting off Punk’s mic.

Alienda UFC akapata hakuna script jamaa ali nyoroshwa ! but bigup to him for trying !

Whoever takes this modern wrestling stuff seriously must be a crappy moron. Hii ni acting. Even worse than a Hollywood movie.

cm punk is one of the greatest shit talkers of all time. ive not seen any wrestler that has been able to beat him on the mic labda paul heyman

I like the way he hated @cortedivoire with passion and most of them time he used to tell him “…or you wanna go and ask your bean-headed wife for permission”

Alilimwa I think he just did one or two matches before prematurely exiting

I just do not understand how grown ups get entertained watching this kind of acting, i would rather watch kids cartoon than grown up men pretending to be hitting each other.

His first match ended with him losing to a 24 year old new comer. He received a brutal beating but then again laughed all the way to the bank. I heard he was paid a million dollars.
His second match was disgusting. Imagine being beaten by an amateur. Someone who has losses on his record. He was cut off from UFC since then. He has ventured into acting.

Props to him though for trying to fight in aUFC ring!

Some of the best workers with good mic skills

  1. Triple H
  2. The Rock
  3. Rand savage
  4. The miz
  5. John Cena
  6. Stone cold
  7. Paul hymen
  8. Cmpunk
  9. Vince
    My Ranking takes into account the ability to cut promos.

Cm punk v John Cena fued is the closest to the altitude era loved the storyline angle and the build up

Same shit different package

clearly you don’t know shit about UFC !

I not

At the end of the day their job is to sell content that will keep people interested.

so ya kitambo haikuwa scripted ?
the reason the altitude era seemed real it’s because Vince took time to create and develop fueds with heat and it was non pg now we have liked of Roman reigns been shoved down our throats this guy been pushed af time and energy invested in him I doubt he even had leukemia.

That second match was the saddest thing i ever so on UFC , Even Dana dismissed that other idiot for not finish the match early and toying with CM Punk , hats of to Brock (even though juiced to the gills ) for coming of with some wins in the UFC !