10 things you need to know about covid

  1. Covid is real but nowhere near apocalyptic, especially for those who are young and with no comorbidities.

  2. Pcr testing is not very meneangful especially if you are just told that you are positive. Ask for cycle threshold. Any cycle threshold above 33 does not indicate the presence of a culturable virus.

  3. Assymptomatic infectiousness is either zero or almost zero. We have the evidence of schools and MANY studies. Only a sick person, who most likely is recuperating at home or being treated in hospital, far away from the streets, can infect another.

  4. Without assymptomatic infectivity, there is no basis for lockdowns. We have the evidence that lockdowns do not contribute to covid containment. Check the cases of Florida, Texas, S. Dakota which did away with lockdowns, against New York, California, or New Jersey which implemented strict lockdowns. But Sweden is also a powerful evidence to any HONEST observer

  5. Contrary to apocalyptic models which assumed zero prior immunity to covid, there has been established prior cross-immunity especially in South East Asia due to previous corona viruses like SARS and MERS. This factor may explain the low covid cases of countries like Japan, China, Australia etc irrespective of containment measures.

  6. Global authorities have focused all their attention on vaccines at the expense of treatment efforts yet there are several treatment regimes that have shown great potential.Read this published journal. https://www.amjmed.com/article/S0002-9343(20)30673-2/fulltext

  7. Ventilators worsen health outcomes of covid patients but oxygen is ok, though only a few patients will really require to be put on oxygen.

  8. Herd immunity, though maligned is equal to or even superior to vaccine derived, artificial immunity. Hence governments can asses herd immunity levels by doing sero-prevalance studies to asses antibody levels in the population. Exclusive preoccupation with vaccines is misguided and even suspicious.

  9. The fraudulent, criminal role of china in this pandemic cannot be wished away. China showed the world footage of people flailling and collapsing on the streets. This phenomenon has not been witnessed anywhere else on the globe.

  10. Obesity is a risk factor, sometimes up to a factor of ten, yet the megaphone is mostly on masks and social distancing.

Covid is only killing diabetics. The energy being channeled in combating covid should be re-channeled to testing all people for diabetes and hypertension. Then taking extra care and treatment of the diabetics.