10 suspicions with Covid

  1. At first CDC and WHO STRONGLY advised against masks, later they changed tune without any earth-shaking RCT study. (Remember COVID-19 is not the first corona virus so the science on the effectiveness of masks was known)
  2. At first WHO and even Dr. Fauci boldly stated that asymptomatic transmission is not the driver of disease transmission; later they changed tune.
  3. PCR testing is not a reliable measure of COVID-19 infectiousness yet it is the method of testing supported by almost all governments regardless of the fact that there are alternative testing methods like rapid antigen testing and lateral flow which are more precise and accurate.
  4. PCR results should be interpreted with regard to the cycle threshold. According to even CDC, cycle thresholds above 36 can reveal even non-covid related viral fragments yet many in almost all countries, the concept and knowledge of cycle threshold is like a state secret.
  5. For other previous corona viruses, WHO advised against the exclusive use of PCR but stressed on clinical evaluation of only symptomatic cases.
  6. There is overwhelming evidence that lockdowns do not affect Covid-19 spread (Dakota, Florida, Sweden are case studies). Yet governments are insanely stuck with lockdowns and all the world is ignoring the undesired outcomes, like the case in Sweden.
  7. The operation warp speed for vaccination is being hailed as a huge blessing requiring forceful mandates yet there are NO data on long-term effects of the vaccine. Luckily, countries like Switzerland are holding on until they see the full data.( https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/incomplete-data-stalls-swiss-authorisation-of-covid-19-vaccines/46196598 )
  8. Curfews that do not make sense like limiting night travel(as if a virus is nocturnal at only a particular time)
  9. The lukewarm response to many antibody tests and studies (or outright rejection) that revealed significant community spread
  10. The apocalyptic models that unanimously and suspiciously assumed ZERO prior immunity to COVID despite the fact that other corona viruses like SARS and MERS had already been experienced. (It is now that some authorities are reluctantly admitting that the low covid cases in some East Asian countries could be due to prior immunity).

It’s a about controlling the people, fuck the liberal agenda, climate change and Bill Gates

watu walipitia hii wakati wa polio?

watu walipitia hii wakati wa polio?

It’s trump agenda and some other trumpers here
With more sinister agenda.
Si wapigane na bill gates

Trump saw this shit a long time ago then he tried to steer the world in to a better and less restrictive direction but the deep state was too overbearing to him

corona is a scam

The WHO Chief is currently on a self quarantine for Covid suspicion. They are NOT testing him until the arrival of symptoms. ( https://www.aa.com.tr/en/latest-on-coronavirus-outbreak/who-says-its-chief-not-yet-tested-for-covid-19/2028519# )

Yet Governments, here and elsewhere, are busy testing healthy people.