10 Seconds Juvenile

Hehehehe …
Our generation of Juveniles has serious problems …:grin::grin::fire:


Cha muhimu ni kumwaga


condom huwezi vaa na mkonno moja hata kama mboro ni ndogo aje


Speak for Yourself …
Elders can “chew gum” while walking … :smiley:

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When safely wearing a condom you should use one hand to squeeze the tit of the condom so that no air is trapped and use the other hand to roll it to the rest of the penis.If you use one hand you risk trapping air in the condom which potentially leads to condom breakage.Dont be ignorant buana,wearing a condom is a serious affair,sio kama kuskiza rumba ya kofi olomide.


Personally I don’t waste time also you can’t fight the prime age vacuum.

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Sasa ukimwaga haraka hivyo ukiwa na condom, je ukipewa kuma bila CD?

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Nimejaribu kunyonga nikashindwa

@rexxsimba , keep eating processed rubbish, utapata show si yako

It is a skit illustration of real world challenges faced by a good number of our younger troubled generation here …
I am on record here offering remedial therapy solutions via some of my highly qualified Therapist contacts …:grin::grin:

Gani hizi tena :rofl:

Age 18-25.

The rest are overripe.