10 outstanding government projects carried out under Moi's leadership despite his shortcomings

[SIZE=5]1. Kasarani stadium[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Completed in 1987, it was renovated later in 2010.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]2. Times tower
The 33 storey building was completed in 2000 , however, the original times tower had 62 storeys but problems arose as it was to be constructing in Uhuru park.

[SIZE=5]3. Kilifi Bridge
Completed in 1991[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]4. Ndakaini Dam
Started in 1991, a looming water shortage was spreading in Nairobi as the urban population increased, it was completed in 1994.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]5. Nyayo Stadium
Before its completion in 1983, Kenya only had the city stadium at Jogoo Road, seems Moi had a passion for sports.

[SIZE=5]6. Garissa Road
Moi opened up the Northern part of Kenya with the help of the Japanese government. At the same time he oversaw the initial dualling of Thika Road with the help of AfDB.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]7. Renovation of the Lunatic Express[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Also known as the Metre gauge rail, the line that has served East Africa for over a century was renovated in the 80s to handle heavier loads.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]8. Nyayo bus
Back in the day Kenya had an efficient bus transport system which later collapsed. Moi launched the NYS bus programmed in the 80s however, it did not work well so later the matatu system dominated the transport sector.

[SIZE=5]9. Privatization of KQ and other stagnating parastatals
In 1994 the likes of Kenya airways were privatized to bring on board more serious investors

[SIZE=5]10. Nyayo Milk
Children who grew in the 90s got a tasted of the free milk offered to schools occasionally.

NYAYO tea zones

Hii ilikuwa ya ngombe sio ya nyayo.
Ama ni yeye alikuwa anakamuliwa?

RIP mo 1

Moi undertook real projects (and especially when you consider the standards of the time).
Moi was truly a decent president, if you look beyond the propaganda by your kinsmen.

Turkwel is a wonder

Yes, I am aware that the ruling class has always lied to peasants in our community. For instance, in 1969 the Kiambu mafia launched the Gatundu oath in order to dismiss any opposition against their but in reality they were just safeguarding their wealth lying to peasants that the opposition wanted to take away their government the same thing is happening to date. Peasants from my community were led to believe Uhuru was hero but his performance shows otherwise. Moi did his job well, he had his shortcomings especially in the 80s since he inherit Kenyatta’s problems but he did his best. The nation had a small population the so it had limited opportunities. To date the country has immense opportunities but the government in place cannot deliver such stadia. One thing Moi was good at is being a father to the nation, he always went around the country “motivating” people.

Yes, I tried to remember this, thanks!!

And to think that the nigger did these things without pushing kenya into unmanageable debt. I mean, by the time moi was leaving in 2002, kenya’s external debt wasn’t even 500 B when moi left the presidency.

The dams roads and bridges are basic infrastructure projects not worth mentioning .

That is what he was elected to do in the first place, not enrich himself and his cronies

And that is all we can point at in all those 24 years of his rule

Stop fucking lying

You have educated me. I was not aware about this.