10 Million Strong, TIBIM!!


Nobody wanted to waste a single cannister of teargas on the vinyangarikas, but the broader effect on JaKuon’s relationship with the USA after the flag-burning is soon going to be known.

The embassy spokesman came out and offered the fools an invitation to 3-4 of their best, but they declined if the media was not to be allowed in. Judging from the ‘speeches’ at the beginning of the clip and the interjections during the encounter, they forgot to bring a spokesperson.

Right decision right there. The american flag isnt suppossu to touch the ground or be burnt. If they would have touched american premises (embassy) wangejua hawajui
Stupid politics stupid politicians paying stupid people to do stupid stuff

NASA is dead ! the infighting and disorganization is just epic ! saw this fools mpaka nashindwa are this people sabotaging Baba or what ! You burn the flag to them you are no different from ISIS .

I think that they burnt a flag, and it was not the first time either.

What they do not know is that their noise and appeals to be teargassed will be ignored, but there is a record being kept somewhere. Someday, JaKuon will plunder the Paybill again and book a first class ticket to JFK, only to be put back on the plane upon arrival, or worse.

Watch out: Godec will be out in a few months, by virtue of his time coming to an end. Actually it was expected Trump would have recalled all Obama ambassadors by now, so don’t be surprised if it happens even tomorrow.
Of course Nasa will be all over claiming credit for pushing Godec out.

He he he he he he he! On this one I am with the Nasa goons.

Anything to do with mzungu shetani ashindwe!

Guka, you have the privilege of not being with them when the consequences arrive.:D:D:D:D

cheki mabootlickers!!!down with the imperialists

The only flag I respect is my bank account size.

Which reminds me how the EA correspondent from the NY Post reported it…[ATTACH=full]158067[/ATTACH]
And a throwback from 2013…

Hahahahahaha!! These are lean times for World Press Photo aspirants.

They won’t be given that opportunity unless Godec himself decides to push himself out, the USG already spoke, are they known to back down when they have made a point against some hapless Jakuonists?

The atheist, the catholic,the white man and NASA supporters are the biggest threats we face as a people

I think you meant jubilants. coz they don’t make sycophants like that no more.

As a honorary Catholic, I want to think you meant the Muslims…

Burning any nation’s flag should be punishable by hanging till death.

So it doesn’t matter which nation the flag belongs to.

Its a funkin flag. I would only worry if we are burning people.

And you wonder where patriotism disappeared to.

Btw can you even sing the last stanza of the kenya national anthem?

if that nation is a blood thirsty imperialist like the usa i’d gladly burn that Chinese made fabric

Blood thirsty or not its still the only beloved country of millions of Americans.

Be honest how would you really feel a Togolese national burning our flag?