10 Kenyan police killed near somalian border


May their souls RIP

kenya will again and again be humiliated by the enemy because they are in somalia fighting a war without cause. those policemen died in vain

i hate police …f*ck the police ! …where the citizenry have no power to bear arms or the citizenry does not serve in the army , the police act like gods …

War without a cause really?

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thts how Somalia was, before foreign interference. Before you got interested in their oil.

They always "blame " outsiders for their problems. Foreigners didn’t force you 2 slaughter each other like animals.

ati oil :D:D:Dno one gave a flying fuck about your wars untill you became a regional threat and attacking other countries …mgejiua tu nyinyi kwa wenyewe thats it

I completely agree They are useless nomads whos all over the place causing problems.

You two are ignorant.

If that how it was,how come Somalia were escaping from their own country?

why ain’t they fighting each other at the refugee camps? somalia has the largest roman Catholic cathedral in east and central africa. a peaceful United Somalia is a threat to kenya’s geopolitical interests.

:point_up:to much bulshit msee


SOmalis are 99% Sunni Muslims and terrorists

Why can’t they go back then