1 of 239 Chinese died in his house from the Wuhan virus(Kenyan government hiding it)

China has Kenyan media and government by the balls. As seen the world over, china is threatening powerful countries, and media the threats are working so i cant imagine what they threatened Uhuru , Kenya government during this chinese virus. So much illegal and negative chinese stuff are doing is being swept under the carpet, its crazy. Anyway information from some chinese friends on wechat is a chinese who was selling mobile phone repairs was found dead in his house. he had been driving all around nairobi meeting with kenyans and other . So chinese are telling other chinese to be carefull if they were in contact with him but cannot inform kenyan government because chinese are selfish are extremely. below are screenshots from wechat. i tried sending this to some media houses and some of those useless celebs but as expected noone was interested. its extremely worrying how noone is scared of chinese , considering what they have done in china to africans , and outside.
All chinese in Kenya should be tested at their cost. Thats is what is happening in China to Africans.

Chinese ni meffi, USA contribute the largest portion of funds to WHO but corrupt china man sneaks through back door and makes WHO their puppet. I support trump here 100% let them now fund it completely, this corruption of bribing a few individuals and taking over organisations and countries should not be tolerated.

Si upeleke hii information police station. Ama upige ile hotline ya Kagwe. Sasa purple unataka afanye nini na hizi screenshot? Ni mtoto atapikia ama ni screenshot atasoma…

Trump my niggar to the toe, genius

You have no idea how much power chinese in kenya. How do you think they are constructing all government houses including part of our central bank?

Umeenda kwa police ukawaambia na wakakurudushia that the Chinese are very powerful and there is nothing they can do for you ? Fuata the right channels.

If this is a genuine conversation which is of concern to you then forward it to the right authorities.

16 years are can be so naive

You know nothing about this country. Thats my last reply to you.