1 million

Talkers how did you make your first million?

Business real estate

Meffi post.

Tombwa utulie homosexual mkuu @patco

Goldenberg scandal

Purple alisema ako na $120,000 or kshs 12 million watu wakaharibika mood sana. Thread zikaandikwa. Inbox ikaingiliwa. Machozi ikatiririka. There was great wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Some talkers threatened to resign. Others wanted to burn down the website. Coronatities angrily asked God what she had done to deserve this pain and suffering.

Mimi hata 50k kufika ni shida

She was trolling though.

My salary. I have made much more in other skilled hustles.

Pimping single mothers

Kunyoa fudhii

skilled hustles is a good direction

How is that kamari related to the above post by @Violete aka @Jura?

Mbiashara ya magendo


Watu hii town mna mambo


Wacha chocha

employment savings and after work consultancy… some company was paying me 260k net, in around 4 months i had saved a million.
my expenses were covered by the side hustles

Which line of business or employment?

Which skilled hustles?