1 day Seminar on the art of persuasion by Juliet Erickson at Kshs. 50,000

Who will be attending we meet up?


Wewe enda utatuletea executive summary…

vile amesema hapo juu

Umeffi tupu! Never attend such bs.

It will take a master to persuade me to part with 50 brown ones for some coffee, samosas and a monologue with a colourful PowerPoint presentation.

Most of the attendees are sent by companies as part of their training budget. Like this one will most likely include a sizeable number of suits from Marketing departments across the city.

Hehe… this is the information age… you can find stuff like that for free on youtube. Even if I had money like akina Ruto, siwezi enda

True, as an individual hautaenda but if you are sent by kampuni, why not?

Most go for the buffet. :D:D

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

50k? I smell mbusit

She might not have anything unique to say but I think it’s good for networking. If say you’re looking for clients for business that’s a good place to meet some. How else will you mingle with executives from blue-chip companies?

By paying for a prestigious sports club membership then golf with them.


50k is fair. Stephen Covey was charging Kshs 80,000 for a talk on “building trust” at the Radisson Blue, Nairobi in 2016. Most guys here have no qualms about spending money on Tinder and Instagram girls but they shun serious networking opportunities.

Golf is also good. You have to cast your net far and wide. Serious clients are not found in a Kibandaski but at Kempinski.

50k ni lorry tatu za mawe…

50k buffet? How many plates can one eat?

Guys sent there on the company’s tab. Its not their money

I doubt that golf thing works. Used to work in the old days of old boys club.

So true.
But it’s not as easy as it seems…there are places where you have to be vouched for by the powers that be. Otherwise you will have parted with loads of cash for nil returns.