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Can someone highlight differences between sythetic oil 5w-30 and 5w-40?

Mostly the spelling

30w haina mashillingi ni bass alafu 40w iko namashillingi tu

The operating temperature ya 5W40 is higher than 5 W 30,both are synthetic oil and will perform the same at day 25 degrees Celsius but after that the 5 W40 will outperform the 5 W40

Gugu is yua furend

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The two oils have different weights at operating temperature. When engine has warmed up, 5W30 will flow faster than 5W40. It is lighter at operating temperature. When cold, both oils have the same viscosity. Most people think they are the same and interchangeable but no, they are not. Always use the oil grade your manufacturer recommended. Operating temperature of the engine (90 degrees C to 105 degrees C) is affected little by external weather conditions hence the argument that you need thicker oil because you are in the tropics is null and void.


I buy the best oil “for high performance cars” and only change it once in a year, fcuk mileage and the six month duration recommendation

Most car companies toyota included recommend 5w-30 yet most companies that do services in kenya uses 5w-40.