001 Covid cases.

So far 5 of my close friends wameenda juu ya covid, with cases being noted as simply pneumonia (dont know why). Stay safe people.
In others news[SIZE=1] Gorvenor[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]001 alitest positive[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]for covid[/SIZE] [SIZE=1]on friday[/SIZE].

That makes 2 kavanas.
Nyeri Governor also has it.

Were they young?

Numbers need to go up to please the benefactors. Im sure hata yule lawyer alinyuria after an escapde with that cop was listed as “death due to covid” alikaa sana hosi kabla anyurie yet ni mikono alikatwa

Si hoho hawachangi mask .

2 of them early 30s and the rest 40s.

Turns out hii story yako ni fake… Joho alikuwa crackdown himself Jana usiku…

you expect him to be bedridden?

Damn!!! Stay safe guys.

Umeona ama umeskia kutoka watu wa covid lakini?.. If you watch the clip, huoni dalili ile unaexpect na watu wameshikea na hiyo kitu, as from patient accounts…

Joho is well wacha porojo

Many things can cause pneumonia. Bacteria and virus are leading causes. Ya bacteria hutibiwa na Amoxicillin. Ya virus kama hii ya Covid-19 haina tiba.

kuna mtu amelipwa hapa

Tunanawa na kufunika mask. What else do you want us to do?

Hii kitu tulingojeka na tukapona Kwa mkono wa Bwana Yesu. Saa hii tumepata antibodies to fight that virus from Wuhan.

For only couple of months then itakurudia.
Ikikushika ya pili ni kwa heri salamaa

Tangu mvua ije kumekuwa na homa sana mambathani.
Familia juzi watu 7 wamepatikana na covid. Wawili wamekuwa admitted. Tuwatie kwenye Dua zetu maanake huu ugonjwa upo na nimejionea madhara yake.
Kwa wanao puuza, endeleeni vivo hivyo…

This really scares me. The infection is now clearing. I wanna go for a second test in a week’s time and I hope it gonna be negative. m worried that I might catch this thing again! I suspect I caught this thing at Zero 4 night club hapo moi avenue karibu casablanca!


Those who are saying they caught the disease na wakapona no biggie…well, with this novel, bio-engineered virus, no one really knows what or if there will be long term effects in years to come. What we know about viruses is that they can turn on genes, like the oncogenes that cause cancer. Case in point, HPV, has viral proteins called E6 and E7 which can integrate into our DNA causing cells to become unstable and turn into cancer. We don’t know enough about long term covid issues. In the meantime, mask up and stay away from people.