001 County Assembly

Mombasa county Assembly unanimously pass the people’s assembly motion…

hapo swafi 12th imekaribia tuapishe msitoo

Si hii maneno ilifanywa illegal.

Nifafanuliwe tafasari. Ni nini ambacho hii peoples assembly inafaa kufanya sasa?

tokateke hata mimi niko kaa wewe hizi vitu univujaga tu tuokolewe hapa priss

Hata wao wenyewe hawajui…wanamsubiri Babuon awaelezee!

assembly nakumbuka ile ya shule ukiongeza peoples naanzaga tu kucheka.

The Kitui high court declared it illegal.
Alafu Uhuru has signed the revenue bill.
I wonder what next…

Let them be, people assembly is just another kamukunji outside city hall or “bunge la wananchi” in ogwaro used by wakora activists to solicit for donor funds. Its just idle people talking politics all day to pass time. The only difference are the names. RAT can proclaim himself president/king/emperor/god of those assemblies if he wishes.

Peoples assembly ni ujinga. Ni vile tu jana uncle WSR alisema about Advisor wa Advisor.

You elect an MCA to represent you kwa county assembly then he goes there and passes a motion that allow outsiders who in politics are called strangers to debate on his behalf albeit to please a certain someone who is not you

Musitishwe na vitu vidogo Kama hivi, the only moves NASA can make are secession and a referendum to keep them in the news, peoples’ assemblies can’t do shit, they are nothing but busybodies with no standing in the eyes of the law

The National Super Alliance (NASA) has written to eleven Governors requesting for venue for Raila Odinga swearing in that is scheduled for December 12.
The letters addressed Governors Hassan Joho (Mombasa), AND OTHERS whose counties have passed the People’s Assembly motion.

Who will be funding the activities of the people assembly? I am sure it’s not from the consolidated fund.

Haitakuwa uhuru park ama ameingiza njeve

Which activities?
If I were to make a rough guess, people’s assembly will be a group of uninvited, uneducated, dirty, stinking chokoraas congregating in social halls to discuss things thinking anyone is taking them seriously.
They will have to be very high on miraa.
After a few weeks, and after realizing neither the county nor national government is paying them, they will be a no-show.

koti ilisema hiyo ni upuss

:D:D “Requesting”


You don’t even need the court to say what’s obvious common sense. Hata hapa Ktalk ni peoples assembly.

I really want to see how far this will float around before it sinks into oblivion…