Hawaaayuni great people of this endeared village. Its loong since i visited these village joints to atlist share a story.

I had this serial 001 hekaya that never ended due to 1 reason or 2 but since am now out of rps, i can manage script a skim over the last part nisiwe na deni ya wanakijiji.

A lot has happened n it need be told too though not b4 what happened before elapses.

Eagerly waiting mdau.

Leta hekaya bro

I am soo sorry for being away. Jeshi si waana.
So after Zawadi left other sexapades followed but things took a new turn. As we normally went on with our normal afternoon schedule ya kuenda pale kalocal, a gamechanger came through.
Kama kawa we’d be at a Kisimani mnazi joint in the afteh getting wasted.
So this day came a man and found me niking’ang’ana na taxi yangu, if you know you know. He greeted me and asked me who we were with. I showed him Kabete as he was busy playing dice. He called him aside and after a short talk, they joined me kwa meza and irrigation continued. I learnt that the guy had a job and he needed hire me. I didnt know what kinda job but since i needed one, i agreed and the next day would be the reporting one. Sooner we went home and since it was our norm, kuteka lazima. Leave Zawadi alone, kina Maria, Zainabu and others had already been enlisted in my fisical table… Lights off.
In the morning. We woke up early kama kawa to intercept nyanya from Tz and Karatina. I tell you the ones from there sell themselves. Assembled our stall and the day kicked off. At about 10am Kabete was rung… he picked and notified me that Arif, the yesterday’s dude needed me hapo stage Lights. I left and found him waiting. He led me to a tinted prado and we sped off towards Bombolulu. He veered left off the highway just before we reached the real Bombolulu and after 5 minutes drive, we were at a G4S guarded gate. It opened and we drove in. Reke gwire, the kinda house i saw left me wondering. I couldn’t comprehend anything since even kwa gari, the only thing Arif* (not real name) told me was not to worry. Dont worry worries more than anything else. Infront was a mansion. For some time i felt as if afro sinema was continuing. We alighted and he went to the swimming pool where there was his boss. Kazi ya boss ni kupapaswa ni madame as he tracks how biz is going on kwa laptop. Arif told him that he had brought the asset they’d talked about. He looked at me and said i was indeed past his expectations. He then asked me my name and age. Kama kawa i had a pseudo to use in 001 and told him i was 16. He told me i was welcome and i’d be shown wottudu. He also warned me that evrything i heard or saw in that house was to remain under the same roof. This scared me more kwanza when i saw one of his hoes brandishing mguu wa kuku. He told one of them to lead me to the reception.
I was lead to a room which had all coastal high school uniforms. Bata toughees were ordely arranged on a 2 shoe racks on one side of the room. I met 2 other boys and 2 girls who seemed informed already since none looked scared. Joy was vivid on their faces. One girl and the 2 boys were in uniform. I wondered how he had managed to select us since enyewe none would think we aint real students. They were relaxing as if waiting wapewe pocket money waende shule. They told me i was lucky and welcomed me to the crew as i learnt we were 1 later. Then another bikini lady came in with 5 kings collection bags which seemed really fat. She handed each of us the one. I changed into Likoni High uniform and we were handed some cellphones. Motorola W220 to be precise then instructions followed. The other crew members knew so it was only me who was really being inducted. The handset had 2 contacts saved in it. The client and our boss. We were strictly not to make any other call using the phone except to the two. Everybody was given his/her direction before we boarded the tinted prado which left us on the highway. I was given 200 bob which was my fare to Likoni and back. Kila mtu akajipa shughli.
This is how things took a new turn.

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Barely understood. Zawadi,zainabu,msenangu. Wtf

Read between the lines bro… tafuta Sn 1 n 2 ipate flow…

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