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Hey guys newbie...Got diagnosed with ADHD a while back. Been away for a bit and just got back to Kenya. Where can i get Adderall to swap.Got a some 30mg XR to swap for 20mg or 10mg as those work better for me plus I dont need for the whole day cos it gives me insomnia especially without my girlfriend around to help a brother sleep. Any links, takers or suggestion will be much appreciated.
Someone tell me what life is all about.
@Thirimaii si I told you very well job yangu ilikatika tukianza hii mwaka, I am on the road like you man, its just that I had a backup plan for long sustainability
Ohhhh pole,I thought ni jokes....ama a way of shoooshing me away.
Anyway najua your networks got you.
Mimi ni change natafuta...
All the best @chap
Reproduction. Life is about surviving and reproducing, then care for the offspring and then dye. continuing the species is what biological organisms do. So go out there and f**k